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Relaxation massage – In the spirit of tranquility

No wonder that in our hectic world many people are looking for an effective way of relaxation. Although all types of massage can help relaxing ourselves, the relaxation massage is especially recommended for those who want to completely lock out the bustle of everyday life. With this massage, you can enjoy such a pleasure that will be relaxing and its sedative effect will not be over for a long time.

Massage with long-lasting pleasure

One of the most complex treatments is perhaps the relaxation massage, which is a combination of several techniques. Relaxation massage is basically the technique of modern Swedish massage. In some elements, however, we use the Chinese acupressure that has been practiced for thousands of years.

The treatment itself works with less intensity than the Swedish massage. Relaxation massage consists of long sweeping motions that are used on the entire surface of your body. Since you will not experience kneading that is a typical characteristic of other massages, the treatment will always be a pleasant experience for you.

In case of relaxation massage, however, not only the way of treatment but also the environment plays an important role. The gentle movements are accompanied by soft music so that you can relax as much as possible during the treatment. With this harmonic milieu we summon the atmosphere of massage salons from the ancient Far East. This way the massage will have beneficial physical and emotional effects.

Leave behind everyday stress!

One of the great ways to relax your tired muscles is relaxation massage. Although there are types of treatment that perform massage on certain parts of the body, such as your head or your back, we will pamper your entire body. Our experienced masseuse will work on every part of your body from the top of your head to your toes.

Relaxation massage is done with the help of warmed up essential oils. As the intoxicating products are gently massaged into your skin, the pleasant temperature of the aphrodisiacs will help relaxation as well. The oil also reduces the friction between the surface of your body and the hands of our masseuse, which makes it easier to perform the massage on all skin types. The healing treatment will stimulate your blood circulation and improve your body’s oxygen supply. The idyllic environment offered throughout the massage will help you feel fresh after treatment, not only physically but emotionally as well.

Dear Visitor! We would like to remind you that any kind of massage in our salon serves only relaxation purposes. Therefore, no type of massage includes the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your respect.

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