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Four-handed Massage – Enchanting pampering movements

Every man’s secret desire is to find two ladies at one time. With the four-handed massage dreams can be a literally tangible reality because during this treatment two masseurs are working on your body. In other words, if you want to have an experience that is fun and novelty at the same time, the four-handed massage is for you.

We offer double enjoyment

They know this massage with many different names. In some places, you can see the duo massage, while others even use the pair massage expression. Whatever the name is, however, the fact is that the treatment done by two masseurs guarantee you a special experience.

As the masseurs will work in harmony with each other all the time, the energies they give add up. Thanks to the full harmony of waving movements, they can provide you much more effective and faster vitality.

Massage at the top

This treatment offers you an extraordinary experience, whose secret is that masseurs work in perfect harmony. This type of treatment can only be done by our most experienced staff: those who have mastered the techniques needed to make complex and skillful four-hand massage

During the treatment the motions of our masseurs will be fully synchronized. Thus, our experienced colleagues will be able to pamper your left and right sides at the same time. The four-hand massage is usually started by treating your toes and gradually progressing towards the upper body with their gentle movements.

Our skilled masseurs use the techniques of Swedish massage that are combined with slow soothing movements to provide relaxing treatment for your body. As the two ladies are working at the same time, they can offer you pampering that you have not even dreamt about before. Whether it is to massage your two arms, or your head and your feet at the same time, the possibilities are limited only by imagination. Similarly to other massages, at the end of the pampering treatment you will feel much more energetic and fit.

Not just pampering, healing as well!

Soft movements help to get rid of tension and have a detoxifying effect. Of course, during the treatment the usual massage oils and creams cannot be left out. This way they complete the high level of pleasure that only the four-hand massage can offer to you.

Dear Guests! Erotic and other types of massage in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. It follows that no form of sexual service is provided during treatment. Thank you very much for fully respecting the provisions here. We wish you a vitalizing and enjoyable massage!

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