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Nuru Massage Budapest: An Exquisite Experience in Hungary’s Capital

Budapest, the heart of Hungary, is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Among the various attractions and activities the city offers, the nuru massage stands out as a unique and intimate experience that has been gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike. This guide delves into the enchanting world of nuru massage in Budapest, exploring its origins, techniques, benefits, and what to expect when indulging in this luxurious service.

Origins of Nuru Massage

The term “nuru” originates from the Japanese word meaning “slippery.” Nuru massage itself hails from Japan, where it was first practiced in Kawasaki. The traditional nuru massage involves the use of a special type of gel made from deep-sea algae, which provides its characteristic slippery texture. This gel is not only incredibly smooth but also rich in minerals and nutrients beneficial for the skin. The nuru massage has since transcended its Japanese roots and found a dedicated following in various parts of the world, including Budapest.

Techniques and Experience

Nuru massage is distinct from other types of massages due to its emphasis on full-body contact and the use of the slippery nuru gel. The massage is typically performed on an air mattress or a waterproof sheet to maximize the gel’s slippery effect. The masseuse and the client are both covered in the nuru gel, allowing for seamless and fluid movements.

The massage begins with a warm shower, which helps to relax the muscles and prepare the skin for the application of the nuru gel. Once the gel is applied, the masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client, utilizing a combination of sliding, gliding, and pressing techniques. This creates a deeply sensual and relaxing experience, as the full-body contact helps to relieve stress and tension.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage offers a plethora of benefits beyond mere relaxation. The unique properties of the nuru gel contribute to the overall experience, providing several health and wellness advantages:

  1. Skin Health: The deep-sea algae in nuru gel are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish and hydrate the skin. This can lead to improved skin texture and a healthy glow.

  2. Stress Relief: The full-body contact and fluid movements help to release endorphins, the body’s natural stress-relievers. This can result in a profound sense of calm and well-being.

  3. Muscle Relaxation: The sliding and gliding techniques used in nuru massage help to alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation, promoting overall muscle relaxation.

  4. Enhanced Intimacy: For couples, nuru massage can serve as a bonding experience, enhancing intimacy and communication through the power of touch.

Nuru Massage in Budapest

Budapest, with its rich spa culture, provides an ideal backdrop for experiencing nuru massage. The city boasts numerous spas and massage parlors that offer this unique service, each promising a memorable and luxurious experience. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a nuru massage in Budapest:

  1. Professionalism: Ensure that the spa or massage parlor you choose employs professionally trained masseuses who are skilled in the art of nuru massage. This guarantees a safe and satisfying experience.

  2. Hygiene: Cleanliness is paramount in any massage setting. Reputable establishments in Budapest maintain high standards of hygiene, ensuring that all equipment and materials are thoroughly sanitized.

  3. Ambiance: The ambiance of the massage parlor significantly influences the overall experience. Look for places that offer a serene and comfortable environment, with soothing music and a relaxing atmosphere.

  4. Customer Reviews: Reading reviews from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the quality of service and overall experience. Look for establishments with positive feedback and high ratings.

What to Expect

When booking a nuru massage in Budapest, it’s essential to know what to expect to fully enjoy the experience. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Preparation: Most nuru massage sessions begin with a warm shower to cleanse the body and relax the muscles. This also helps to prepare the skin for the application of the nuru gel.

  2. Nuru Gel Application: The masseuse will apply the nuru gel to both her body and yours, ensuring a smooth and slippery surface for the massage.

  3. Massage Techniques: The masseuse will use her entire body to perform the massage, employing a range of techniques that include sliding, gliding, and pressing. This full-body contact is what sets nuru massage apart from other types of massages.

  4. Aftercare: After the massage, you will typically be offered another shower to wash off the nuru gel. It’s advisable to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help flush out any toxins released during the massage.


Nuru massage in Budapest offers an unparalleled experience that combines relaxation, sensuality, and numerous health benefits. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to this beautiful city, indulging in a nuru massage can be a delightful addition to your stay. The unique combination of full-body contact and the nourishing properties of the nuru gel create a deeply satisfying experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

When seeking out a nuru massage in Budapest, it’s essential to choose a reputable establishment that prioritizes professionalism, hygiene, and customer satisfaction. By doing so, you can ensure a memorable and luxurious experience that truly encapsulates the essence of this unique form of massage therapy.

So, if you find yourself in Budapest, consider treating yourself to a nuru massage. It’s an experience that promises not only relaxation and pleasure but also a deeper connection to your own body and senses.

Massage house

Nestled in the heart of a bustling city or perhaps on the tranquil outskirts, a massage house stands as a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. A massage house is more than just a place to get a massage; it is an oasis of calm, designed to soothe both body and mind. This serene environment is carefully curated to provide an escape from the stresses of daily life, allowing visitors to unwind and experience true tranquility.

From the moment one steps into a massage house, the ambiance envelops them in a sense of peace. The decor often features soft, earthy tones, natural materials like wood and stone, and elements of nature such as indoor plants or a gentle water feature. The air is filled with the subtle scent of essential oils, creating an aromatic backdrop that enhances the feeling of calm. Soft, ambient music plays in the background, further aiding in relaxation and setting the tone for a soothing experience.

A massage house typically offers a wide range of massage therapies, each tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the client. Common types of massages include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages. Each type of massage has its unique benefits, from relieving muscle tension and improving circulation to promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress.

The staff at a massage house are highly trained professionals who specialize in various massage techniques. They possess a deep understanding of human anatomy and are skilled in identifying and addressing areas of tension and discomfort. Whether a client is looking to alleviate chronic pain, recover from an injury, or simply relax, the massage therapists customize each session to ensure the best possible outcome.

One of the key features of a massage house is the variety of treatments available. Beyond traditional massages, many establishments offer specialized therapies such as reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage, and even modern treatments like hydrotherapy and infrared sauna sessions. These additional services provide clients with a comprehensive approach to wellness, addressing both physical and mental health.

A typical visit to a massage house begins with a consultation. During this initial meeting, the therapist discusses the client’s health history, current concerns, and goals for the session. This information is crucial in tailoring the massage to the individual’s needs. Clients are encouraged to communicate openly about any areas of discomfort or specific outcomes they hope to achieve.

The massage rooms in a massage house are designed with privacy and comfort in mind. Each room is a private sanctuary where clients can fully relax without any interruptions. The massage tables are cushioned and adjustable, ensuring maximum comfort during the session. Soft linens and warm blankets add to the cozy atmosphere, making clients feel pampered and cared for.

Hygiene is a top priority in a massage house. All linens are freshly laundered, and rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between sessions. The use of high-quality, hypoallergenic oils and lotions ensures that even clients with sensitive skin can enjoy their treatments without any adverse reactions.

In addition to individual treatments, many massage houses offer packages and memberships that provide regular clients with benefits such as discounted rates and priority booking. These packages often include a combination of different services, allowing clients to experience a variety of treatments and find what works best for them. Memberships encourage regular visits, promoting long-term wellness and consistent self-care.

The benefits of visiting a massage house extend beyond the physical relief of muscle tension and pain. Regular massage therapy has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, and enhance overall well-being. For many, the massage house becomes a haven where they can disconnect from the demands of daily life and focus on their own health and happiness.

Many massage houses also incorporate holistic practices into their offerings. This might include yoga and meditation sessions, nutritional counseling, and workshops on stress management and mindfulness. These additional services provide clients with tools and techniques they can use in their everyday lives to maintain the benefits of their massage sessions.

Community is another important aspect of a massage house. Many establishments foster a sense of belonging by hosting events and gatherings where clients can meet like-minded individuals and share their wellness journeys. This sense of community can be incredibly supportive, helping clients stay motivated and engaged in their self-care routines.

In summary, a massage house is much more than a place to receive a massage. It is a holistic wellness center that provides a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. With its serene environment, highly trained staff, and wide range of treatments, a massage house caters to the needs of its clients, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Regular visits to a massage house can lead to improved health, reduced stress, and a greater sense of overall happiness. Whether seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to unwind, a massage house offers the perfect escape from the pressures of daily life.

The massage house is not just a luxury; it is an essential part of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By prioritizing self-care and wellness, individuals can achieve a higher quality of life and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with regular massage therapy.

The Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

In our fast-paced modern world, finding time to unwind and de-stress can be challenging. One highly effective way to achieve relaxation and enhance overall well-being is through regular massage therapy. More than just an indulgent treat, massage therapy offers a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can significantly improve one’s quality of life. In this article, we will explore these benefits in detail and highlight why incorporating regular massage sessions into your routine can be a game-changer for your health and happiness.

Physical Benefits

  1. Pain Relief and Management One of the most immediate and noticeable benefits of massage therapy is pain relief. Whether it’s chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, lower back pain, or acute pain from injuries, massage can help alleviate discomfort. Techniques such as deep tissue massage and myofascial release target specific areas of tension and pain, promoting relaxation and healing in the muscles and connective tissues. Regular massage can reduce the need for pain medications and improve overall mobility.

  2. Improved Circulation Massage therapy enhances blood flow, which helps to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to muscles and tissues. This improved circulation accelerates the healing process, reduces muscle soreness, and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Techniques like Swedish massage, with its long, gliding strokes, are particularly effective at boosting circulation.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion Regular massage therapy can improve flexibility and increase the range of motion in the joints. This is especially beneficial for athletes and individuals with physically demanding jobs. Techniques such as Thai massage and sports massage involve stretching and mobilizing the joints, which helps to maintain and enhance flexibility.

  4. Boosted Immune Function Consistent massage therapy can strengthen the immune system by reducing stress hormones and stimulating lymphatic circulation. This increased lymph flow helps to remove toxins and waste products from the body, thereby enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms. A robust immune system means fewer illnesses and quicker recovery times.

Mental Benefits

  1. Stress Reduction One of the most significant mental benefits of regular massage therapy is its ability to reduce stress. The act of receiving a massage lowers the levels of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, while simultaneously increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with happiness and relaxation. This biochemical shift helps to calm the mind and create a sense of well-being.

  2. Improved Sleep Quality Regular massage therapy can lead to better sleep patterns. The relaxation and reduction in stress hormones contribute to a more restful sleep, which is crucial for overall health. Techniques such as aromatherapy massage, which incorporates the use of essential oils, can be particularly beneficial for those struggling with insomnia or restless sleep.

  3. Enhanced Focus and Concentration By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, massage therapy can improve cognitive function. Enhanced blood flow to the brain and the release of tension in the neck and shoulders can lead to better concentration, increased mental clarity, and improved productivity.

Emotional Benefits

  1. Emotional Balance Massage therapy can help to stabilize emotions and improve overall emotional well-being. The sense of touch and human connection during a massage can release oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which promotes feelings of trust, safety, and emotional stability. This is especially beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, or emotional trauma.

  2. Increased Self-Awareness Regular massage therapy encourages a deeper connection with one’s body and mind. This heightened self-awareness can lead to better body image, increased confidence, and a greater sense of self-worth. Being in tune with your body allows you to recognize and address physical and emotional needs more effectively.

  3. Support for Emotional Healing For those dealing with emotional pain or past traumas, massage therapy can offer a supportive and non-verbal way to process and release these emotions. Techniques such as craniosacral therapy and somatic experiencing are designed to gently release emotional blockages stored in the body, promoting holistic healing.

Overall Well-Being and Quality of Life

Incorporating regular massage therapy into your lifestyle can lead to a profound improvement in overall well-being and quality of life. The cumulative effects of reduced physical pain, lower stress levels, enhanced emotional balance, and improved mental clarity create a positive feedback loop that supports ongoing health and happiness. Here are some key ways in which consistent massage therapy can enhance your life:

  1. Preventative Health Care Regular massage acts as a form of preventative health care by addressing issues before they become chronic problems. By maintaining muscle health, boosting the immune system, and reducing stress, massage therapy helps to keep the body in optimal condition.

  2. Enhanced Physical Performance Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit significantly from regular massage therapy. By improving flexibility, reducing muscle soreness, and preventing injuries, massage helps to enhance physical performance and supports faster recovery times.

  3. Improved Relationships When you are less stressed, in less pain, and emotionally balanced, it positively impacts your relationships. You are more likely to be patient, understanding, and present with loved ones, leading to healthier and more fulfilling interactions.

  4. Greater Life Satisfaction Ultimately, the combination of physical, mental, and emotional benefits from regular massage therapy leads to greater life satisfaction. Feeling good in your body and mind allows you to enjoy life more fully, engage in activities you love, and pursue your goals with energy and enthusiasm.


Regular massage therapy is a powerful tool for enhancing physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. By committing to consistent massage sessions, you can experience a transformative improvement in your quality of life. Whether you are seeking relief from pain, stress reduction, emotional healing, or simply a moment of relaxation, massage therapy offers a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining overall wellness. Make massage therapy a regular part of your self-care routine and reap the countless benefits it has to offer.

Slider massage – Incarnated eroticism

Would you like to experience the perfect sensuality? Slider massage provides an elemental experience where you will feel all parts of your body as an erogenous zone. The erotic pampering performed by our skilled masseur will have a stimulating effect both on your body and soul.

We offer body and soul caress!

It is no secret that those who choose slider massage can experience a high degree of sensation. Erotic pampering will move all your body parts from neck to toe. During the slider massage you will be massaged by the naked body of our colleague. Soft and stunning moves will help you to relax and the constant touch of her body will have a beneficial effect not only on your physical but on your mental state as well.

You will be guaranteed by a lascivious experience!

The most important part of every slider massage is the oil. First, your masseuse will completely coat her own body and your body with oil. The aphrodisiac made from selected and natural ingredients will not only give you a pleasant feeling on your skin but it also helps performing the body to body massage more easily.

All your pores and cells will feel the lascivious experience because your body is in contact with the masseur’s shapes during the entire massage session. Nothing compares to the feeling when the soft bumps of our colleague go through your entire body. The satisfying experience is made complete by the attention and dedication of our masseuse and the constant physical contact will keep you in pleasant mental state.

We are going to the school of senses!

Like all massages, slider massages have many beneficial physiological effects as well. We recommend this unusual experience especially for those who would like to treat well their body and soul. The slider massage will simultaneously have a sedative effect on the nervous system and eliminate the feeling of fatigue. Repeated gestures will stimulate the circulation and the erotic massaging of the whole body can help your body to detoxify.

We are sure that after a good sliding massage you will feel fresh and new both physically and mentally. Discover the school of senses, which will be a satisfying and exciting experience for you at the same time!

We would like to call our dear guests’ attention that erotic and other kind of massages in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. We do not offer any kind of sexual service during the massages. Please do not hesitate to respect all the information here.

Therapeutic massage – With therapeutic touches

It is no secret that the ancient Greeks had treated the rheumatic pain with the beneficial massage. This lead to the evolution of the therapeutic massage that utilizes the millennium-old knowledge of the Western world in order to ease the pain in the patient’s muscles and joints. These therapeutic movements, however, are able to deal with a large number of problems in the areas affected by massage. Last but not least, the treatment can help you reach and maintain well-being that everyone can experience in choosing our healing massage service.

Massage in the service of healing

Like Swedish massage, therapeutic massage is a European invention and even the basics used during the therapy are similar. However, in contrary to the versatile method of the Nordic people, therapeutic massage will focus on specifically those areas where the patient’s complaints have arisen. In several cases, this treatment is used with therapeutic medication but the therapy itself can provide good service in reducing muscle and joint pains or curing rheumatism.

As the treatment is less intensive than the Swedish massage, these therapeutic contacts can practically be applied to all people. Still, it is worth asking the doctor’s opinion before starting a massage. If we are aware of which parts of the body have problems, then massaging can be more effective.

We offer solutions for a lot of problems!

Medical massage can be an effective remedy for problems in several parts of our body. A beneficial therapy can primarily have the following positive effects:
• Effective movements increase body temperature and contribute to deep breathing.

• Therapy reduces muscle and joint pain and eliminates the muscle insertions in our body, i.e. myalgia muscle knots.

• Treatment is recommended especially for those who have pain in their neck, shoulders, or backs due to continuous sitting work.

• Significant improvement can be achieved with congenital and orthopedic problems resulting from bad posture.

• Therapeutic massage is both recommended in case of insomnia and digestive problems.

• Relaxing touches can help relieving stress and generally improve your overall feeling.

• Those who exercise regularly or do heavy physical work all day cannot miss this treatment. For them healing massage is recommended for preventing possible injuries and a faster recovery of their muscles.

Dear Visitor! Please note that all our massage salon services are for relaxation purposes only. Consequently, no type of massage includes the provision of a sexual type of service. Thank you for not having this kind of service from our colleagues!

Healing effects of erotic massage

Most of us identify erotic massage with sexual activity. Undoubtedly, such massage techniques are perfectly capable of raising the patient’s sexual desires and enjoying more the intimate intercourse. Erotic massage, however, is more than that: if you apply them especially on a regular basis, you can do a good job of managing certain diseases. Of course, it is essential to do a professional massage, which means the massage therapist knows what physiological and mental effects the patient is having with each technique.

It does not just pamper, it cures as well!

The erotic massage itself did not give therapy, but it means a series of varied techniques. Some are sensant, others are known as tantric massage. What is it about? It is a physical therapy on a naked or a half-naked body. After erotic massage, however, sex does not need to happen. Although the masseur focuses on the erogenous zones of the body, the treatment can help not only to stimulate libido, but also to improve physical and mental health.

Release stress and anxiety with the help of a massage!

As we have already mentioned, erotic massage can mean a variety of treatments. Although the varied therapies (such as slider massage, four-handed massage, lingam massage, etc.) have different effects but they have several common features as well.

In particular, erotic massage can be used to treat stress. The therapy can help to release anxiety and other psychological problems that prevent you from enjoying a full life. Regardless of the massage technique, the treatment helps the patient learning to lose their inhibition. During the massage we can gain new experience that can help our partner to live their own sexuality without boundaries. As a result, everyday life will be easier to accomplish in intimate moments.

Erotic massage can also help in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses. With the help of pampering moves you can relieve the patient’s anxiety. Various illnesses and complaints can be treated with a variety of techniques. First of all, sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm and frigidity, but erotic massage can make good use of handling impotence. The treatment liberates those barriers that block the body’s energy flow and prevent sexual pleasure.

Experience the beneficial physiological effects of erotic massage!

Erotic massage can have many beneficial physiological effects. Basically there is no body part or internal organ for which the pampering movements would not be beneficial. Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail.

  • Muscles: As a result of the therapy the muscles relax, their elasticity and resistance will be stronger. It also helps dealing with muscle fatigue, which increases the muscle performance.

  • Skin: The massage expands the capillary veins of the skin, which increases the absorption of nutrients. Due to the treatment dead skin cells get off from the skin, making the skin more elastic and tighter.

  • Metabolism: Massage accelerates metabolic processes and increases urinary excretion. The treatment also helps to remove toxins.

  • Circulatory System: The treatment regulates the body’s blood flow. When the massage therapist works on the patient’s body, blood and lymphatic circulation are increased.

  • Nervous system: The therapy calms excessive nerves, soothes the nervous system, which provides a better sleep.

  • Breathing: Thanks to the healing movements, the massaged patient’s breathing will be deeper and more even.

Be on balance physically and spiritually!

Of course, erotic massage can not be used as a sole substitute for traditional medicine, but it is considered to be one of the most effective facilitating methods of healing.

Erotic massage can be an excellent alternative method with other therapies such as herbal treatment or acupuncture. Some of the techniques can be used as self-medication, although the desired effect can only be achieved if the massage is performed by an experienced masseur.

Dear guests! We would like to call your attention to the fact that any of the services provided during the massage are only for relaxation purposes. Therefore, our massage type does not include the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your understanding! We wish you a refreshing and enjoyable massage!

My first erotic massage – Lingam service

Let me tell my story of my first time in the erotic massage parlor. It was so exciting and interesting. Honestly, before I had arrived to massage parlor, I was a little bit excited. I have never been in this place yet. So I had no expectation, as I did not know what an erotic massage feeling is.

My first, nice experience was the high quality place. No doubt, that I entered a cleaned and luxury architecture building. It was well decorated, with a pleasant atmosphere. The massage parlor oriented into massage from Far East, such as lingam, yumeiho, or tantric massage.

Since one of my colleagues recommended me a lingam massage, so I decided to try it this therapy that is from ancient India.

The receptionist was really nice and proffers me a cup of green tea in a cozy room before the massage. She was really professional and explained me, how can I prepare myself to treatment as well as possible. She said a philosophy of lingam massage: „The more you can tune into the therapy, the more you will enjoy this journey of discovery.” In a few minutes the therapist came into a room, and asks me to follow her.

Firstly, she attuned to lingam massage in the spirit of the peace and harmony. My pretty and lovely therapist created a balancing atmosphere, with soft music and sweet candlelight. After she provided me a nice and mysterious ambience, my body was ready to discover wonderful experience that is waiting for me.

She taught me the breathing techniques during the massage, and then instructs me to lie on my stomach and relax.

As I got comfortable on my stomach, she started massage in my upper body. She began to pour a good amount of massage oil onto my chest.

Her motion was slowly, and circular but definite. These kneads made me relax. Meanwhile, she explained me, that on the man body more than twenty of points, which can make even the lightest touch excited.

She moved step by step towards becoming my more intimate body points. Next, was my lower body: my thighs and calves.

After she gave me a fully body massage, my therapist instructed me, that inverted my body, because lying down would be much more comfortable, the core of this massage type: my penis or in Indian terms lingam. As my therapist strayed on my body, she got in-between my legs and massaged my penis. She worked on my “private” parts with two hands, because it is symbolize a complete devotion to my body. It was really fantastic feeling. Her kneads were consciously excited my penis, and at this point I am in the heaven. Then she followed her movements slowly and rhythmically. Finally, she gave a massages my testicles and penis together and at this point, words are impossible to describe the feelings I’m having.

After a few minutes, my therapist cleaned me with a towel and she helps me woke up from my back. I started to realize my wonderful experiences, and give her a hug and a warm thank for her fantastic service.

Manager Massage – Stress-relieving At The Highest Level

Anyone who has worked as a leader is certainly familiar with the picture: when we open our mailbox, we find a multitude of letters, our phone rings all day and we are often called for what the staff can do by themselves. No wonder, as a leader, we work more than the usual 8 hours a day. But if we do not pay attention to get sufficient rest and body maintenance, then the increased pace of work will lead to the damage of our health in the long term. In this case the manager massage is a good service, which is recommended not only for the managers, but also for those who spend most of the day sitting.

Recovery in 15 minutes!

Manager massage is a form of treatment where the beneficial movements are performed on special massage stools. It has a great advantage as it is shorter than any other treatments, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes. As the whole treatment takes place in a garment, you can even insert it in a longer lunch break to refresh both your body and soul. In 15 minutes you can regain your well-being, get rid of stress and regenerate your body.

Preventing Office Illnesses!

Unfortunately, sedentary jobs can cause undesirable symptoms in the long term. Among other things, such “illnesses” in the office are the numbness of limbs or the spinal problems that occur at younger ages. But the effect of a day-long standing time in front of the computer can also be seen as sudden weight gain, which is tremendously difficult to get rid of.

That is why manager massage is recommended not only for senior executives but for all office workers as it can treat these symptoms efficiently. Of course, if we are dealing with our weight, we should not neglect sports either because we can only stay in shape with the application of pampering treatment and exercise together.

Effective help to work!

Thanks to the manager massage you can also increase your ability to perform successfully. Relaxation therapy helps to concentrate better on tasks, which can be useful in handling an important negotiation or managing spreadsheets that often seem to be endless.

Another important aspect is that after the treatment we will feel more enthusiastic about continuing our work. Based on several experiences, after some beneficial relaxation you can come up with ideas more easily. This can be very useful if we do a job where we need to use our creativity and keep tight deadlines at the same time.

Dear Guests! Erotic or other types of massage in our salons are only available for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the treatments offered by us do not include the provision of sexual-type services in any case. Please respect all the information here, so do not contact our colleagues with such requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Yumeiho Massage – Straight to Balance

This massage is more than a simple treatment. It is a philosophy that seeks balance, symmetry and harmony in us; a therapy that came from faraway Japan to share its wonderful gifts with us. Here is the Yumeiho massage that can help restore the balance between body and soul.

Create symmetry and harmony in yourself!

The principle of this special massage is that in the healthy body energies are free to flow. If the flow stops for some reason, so-called energy blocks may develop and lead to different diseases. According to Yumeiho’s philosophy these energy blocks can be traced back to the asymmetrical structure of the body with the help of an effective yet pleasing massage. As a result, Yumeiho will not only focus on curing the body and soul but also on preventing complaints.

Learn the Japanese miracle!

It is not a secret that Yumeiho requires a great deal of expertise from the masseuse as they use nearly 100 basic techniques when healing and pampering the patient. In exchange, wonderful results can be achieved against a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Among other things, the knowledge of Japanese plays an important role in remedying blood pressure and blood sugar problems but the massage can also be useful in treating musculo-skeletal disorders, joint and spinal pain.

With the help of Yumeiho sports injuries can also be treated well. Therefore, the special therapy can be recommended with – or even instead of – sports massage to ease or eliminate the patient’s muscular pain.

It is good news for people who have had drastic surgery that Yumeiho can be applied effectively in the postoperative rehabilitation period as well. But we can also mention that treatment can also correct problems caused by bad posture and can also help with juvenile scoliosis. It is no coincidence that, in view of its many advantages, the popularity of Yumeiho massage, the Japanese gift has been increasing nowadays.

Experience an extraordinary form of treatment!

While other therapeutic treatments require to be performed on the patient’s naked or half-naked body, during Yumeiho the patient will wear a dress or thin clothing. At first it can also be a novelty that we will not meet the traditional massage bed here either. In the spirit of preserving ancient traditions, the therapeutic movements are carried out on traditional Japanese carpets, i.e. tatamines and possibly on sponges.

The varied treatment takes about 50 minutes, which will make us feel like we have been changed. With Yumeiho we can effectively release these energy blocks so we will experience a significant change in our well-being and our overall quality of life.

Dear Visitors! Any type of erotic or other massage in our salon can be used only for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the treatments offered by us do not include the provision of sexual-type services in any case. Please respect the information above, so do not contact our masseuses with such requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Foot Massage – For Alternative Healing

There is no doubt that the biggest benefit of foot massage is that we can cure many of our health problems. It is no exaggeration to say that experienced foot masseuses know the sole as well as others their palms, so they know exactly which points can be stimulated to work effectively against various physical and organic problems. There are tens of thousands of nerve endings on our sole and we can get great results in the treatment of chronic diseases by stimulating them.

A multifunctional treatment with experience of thousands of years!

Basically the beneficial effect of this treatment has been known since the beginning of antiquity. In the fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt people performed a massage on their feet for healing purposes. The beneficial therapy began to widespread at the beginning of the twentieth century, while nowadays foot massage is known almost everywhere and it is used as a popular treatment form of alternative healing.

You can find a solution for many problems!

With foot massage you can treat and prevent many illnesses. It is incredible but there are nearly 70,000 nerve endings on a small surface like our sole! Due to the extremely rich neural network from our central nervous system to our internal organs is connected to almost all areas of our body, we can stimulate any part of our body by massaging our feet on their matching points.

While massaging the areas close to the toes we can have positive effect on the upper body parts as well as the internal organs (eg. lungs, heart, stomach, etc.), in areas closer to the heel we can treat problems with legs, knees, basins and urethra. But with the pressure on the reflex zones of the foot, pancreas, thyroid and metabolic diseases can be cured as well as bladder and kidney disorders.

Discover the benefits of reflex massage!

The essence of foot massage is to stimulate the body to respond, i.e. to the production of reflexes. In case of healthy people the sole’s massaging will only be a good feeling while those who suffer from some kind of illness the body will respond with pain reactions. However, with the help of massages performed by an expert we can cure illnesses related to the given area and force the self-healing mechanisms of the body to work.

Take into consideration that because of its intensity, foot massage is not recommended to everyone. Such a case may be if your feet are inflamed or have varicose veins. Fungal infections on the foot, heavily swollen and broken legs may also prove to be an excuse. Massage is also contraindicated in patients with cancer. In brief, if you are facing any of the problems above, please contact your doctor before starting the treatment.

Dear guests! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any kind of massage services are provided for relaxation. Therefore, none of our massage types include the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a massage full of relaxation and experience!

Swedish massage – A multifunctional healing treatment

When we hear the word “massage”, many of us will certainly recall one of the most popular types of treatments, the Swedish massage. No wonder, as this great invention is one of the most versatile methods for healing. Swedish massage has many beneficial effects and a refreshing treatment can not only help to balance body and soul, but it also has medical effect.

Be part of the variety of European dishes!

While most of the massages are based on ancient Eastern traditions, Swedish massage is an unmistakable European invention. The multifunctional therapeutic massage method is connected to the name of Pehr Henrik Ling, who developed the world’s best known massage method thanks to his long years of work.

The discovery of the Swedish physician has been used for over 200 years to treat various body problems. The secret of the treatment’s success is that the Swedish massage uses five basic strokes when the body receives different hand movements in various intensity: from smoothing and sweeping strokes to rocking, shaking and trembling movements.

Experience the beneficial intensity!

During the Swedish massage our massage therapist will map your body first with fine, smoothing movements to get acquainted with the problems that can be treated with Swedish massage.

After creating a contact with your body, the rubbing section is coming. As long as this device stimulates your blood circulation, your masseuse will effectively work on all your muscles in your body with kneading. After the most intense phase of massage, your body will be subdued by relaxing vibrations. These vibrating movements will help you to relax after kneading. Finally, tapping your body will not only lift you up, but it will also help you feel much fit and refreshed after the massage is over.

Heal your body naturally!

Actually, when we talk about the physiological effects of Swedish massage, it is not possible to highlight one of our body parts. Among all types of massages, Swedish massage has the most favorable physical and mental effects. The most prominent benefit is the refreshing effect that may occur during the massage therapy. All-round therapy relaxes the tired muscles, and the varied strokes move the joints as well.

The various strokes, however, increase both mental and physical performance. Intensive treatment improves blood circulation and can provide good service to people suffering from lumbago and sciatica. But it can also help sleep disorders, digestive problems, and thanks to the therapy, we can overcome many illnesses.

Dear guests! Please note that massage treatments in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. There is no type of massage that provides a sexual type of service. Please respect all the above in all circumstances.

Sports Massage

It is true that the pleasure offered by a massage is good for everyone. For regular athletes, however, it is vital that they receive proper treatment during the training sessions. Those who do exercises regularly are well aware that increased physical activity involves an increased pressure on the body and the soul. All these problems can be handled with the help of sport massage.

We regenerate your whole body!

It is perhaps the most well-known treatment after Swedish massage, which uses 5 basic techniques to treat the patient. Although most of these methods are used during training sessions and competitions, regenerative and injury prevention treatments are sports massage types that can also be performed in our salon.

First of all, sports massage will help relaxing after training and increase overall sport performance. Thanks to the massage, muscle swelling can be reduced and muscle spasms caused by hard training can be eliminated as well.

Instead of usual massage oils used in other treatments, during sports massage we will use muscle relaxant creams and sports balms that are specially designed for decreasing muscle soreness. Thanks to these products we can achieve much better results during the treatment because their ingredients stimulate muscle circulation and provide oxygen. With these efficient products, we can make sport massage complete.

We can cure your injuries effectively!

Unfortunately, those who do sports can not avoid injuries either. Such problems may include muscle strains, soft tissue injuries and hematoma, which can not only cause pain but they may also mean the early termination of the sports career. Sports massage plays an important role in preventing injuries. Thanks to the beneficial treatment, the elasticity of the hardened muscle tissues due to the training can be restored. It can also provide the post-workout function, which may be particularly important to the body with increased stress.

We can relieve your anxieties!

Active athletes do not only know the feeling of being unable to run a certain distance within a short time or lift more weight. After a while the perceived or actual lack of development will cause anxiety, which may lead to performance degradation in the long term.

With sports massage anxiety can be reduced! Our experienced colleagues work with muscle relaxation and revitalizing movements on your whole body that relax your soul and refresh your body at the same time. After the treatment you will feel much better and you will have enough motivation to continue the hard workouts.

We would like to remind our Dear Customers that erotic and other types of massage offered by our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. Therefore, we do not provide sexual services in any form. Thank you for having this respect for our colleagues!

Part massages – Concentrated treatments

In our everyday life there are situations when only certain areas need massage treatments. Such cases can be when we turn to a masseur with a pain in a part of our body – for example with headache – but it is also conceivable that only some areas – for example our backs or feet – desire to be pampered by the treatment.

We help you with targeted strokes!

Although the treatment is shorter than the total massage, part massages can be given more frequently, either daily or every second day. Do not be fooled by the term “part” as such treatments require the masseur to know exactly which area is concerned to help healing the patient effectively. Our experienced colleagues typically deal with head, face, neck, shoulder, arm, back and foot massage, but after a preliminary consultation any other body parts can be treated.

Head and neck massage – Stop stress-triggered headaches!

Unfortunately, nowadays temporary and permanent headaches are considered to be a common illness. As long as you can reduce the migraine symptoms by massaging the head or neck, milder headaches can usually be completely eliminated. Treatment is performed with gentle and slow movements, which increase the concentration ability and decrease the brain reaction time. Of course, you can apply this soothing therapy in other combinations (head-shoulders, neck-shoulders, etc.).

Back massage – Do not let stress on your back!

Even if you do not do intense physical work, the spine is subjected to an increased use due to everyday rush and stress. Thanks to the stimuli created during intensive back massage we can alleviate the pain in your back as well as eliminating any discomfort. However, some symptoms of spinal and back problems (such as scoliosis, sciatica, etc.) can be cured effectively with the treatment.

Arm massage – Relax with massage!

If you choose arm massage, our qualified colleagues will work on your body from the shoulder to the fingertips. Of course, massage oils cannot be missed for relaxing the upper limbs, which will further enhance your experience.

Leg and knee massage – Manage the most used areas efficiently!

It’s unbelievable but in our lifetime we walk so much that we could ride the Earth more than three times. After a day of walking or skittering in the city we can easily feel that this part of our body deserves some care. But we can not ignore the massage of our knees either, which is one of the most vulnerable to rheumatism.

Dear guests! We would like to remind you that our services in our massage salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. As a result, we do not provide sexual services in one of our massage types. Thank you for the full respect here.

Relaxation massage – In the spirit of tranquility

No wonder that in our hectic world many people are looking for an effective way of relaxation. Although all types of massage can help relaxing ourselves, the relaxation massage is especially recommended for those who want to completely lock out the bustle of everyday life. With this massage, you can enjoy such a pleasure that will be relaxing and its sedative effect will not be over for a long time.

Massage with long-lasting pleasure

One of the most complex treatments is perhaps the relaxation massage, which is a combination of several techniques. Relaxation massage is basically the technique of modern Swedish massage. In some elements, however, we use the Chinese acupressure that has been practiced for thousands of years.

The treatment itself works with less intensity than the Swedish massage. Relaxation massage consists of long sweeping motions that are used on the entire surface of your body. Since you will not experience kneading that is a typical characteristic of other massages, the treatment will always be a pleasant experience for you.

In case of relaxation massage, however, not only the way of treatment but also the environment plays an important role. The gentle movements are accompanied by soft music so that you can relax as much as possible during the treatment. With this harmonic milieu we summon the atmosphere of massage salons from the ancient Far East. This way the massage will have beneficial physical and emotional effects.

Leave behind everyday stress!

One of the great ways to relax your tired muscles is relaxation massage. Although there are types of treatment that perform massage on certain parts of the body, such as your head or your back, we will pamper your entire body. Our experienced masseuse will work on every part of your body from the top of your head to your toes.

Relaxation massage is done with the help of warmed up essential oils. As the intoxicating products are gently massaged into your skin, the pleasant temperature of the aphrodisiacs will help relaxation as well. The oil also reduces the friction between the surface of your body and the hands of our masseuse, which makes it easier to perform the massage on all skin types. The healing treatment will stimulate your blood circulation and improve your body’s oxygen supply. The idyllic environment offered throughout the massage will help you feel fresh after treatment, not only physically but emotionally as well.

Dear Visitor! We would like to remind you that any kind of massage in our salon serves only relaxation purposes. Therefore, no type of massage includes the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your respect.

Four-handed Massage – Enchanting pampering movements

Every man’s secret desire is to find two ladies at one time. With the four-handed massage dreams can be a literally tangible reality because during this treatment two masseurs are working on your body. In other words, if you want to have an experience that is fun and novelty at the same time, the four-handed massage is for you.

We offer double enjoyment

They know this massage with many different names. In some places, you can see the duo massage, while others even use the pair massage expression. Whatever the name is, however, the fact is that the treatment done by two masseurs guarantee you a special experience.

As the masseurs will work in harmony with each other all the time, the energies they give add up. Thanks to the full harmony of waving movements, they can provide you much more effective and faster vitality.

Massage at the top

This treatment offers you an extraordinary experience, whose secret is that masseurs work in perfect harmony. This type of treatment can only be done by our most experienced staff: those who have mastered the techniques needed to make complex and skillful four-hand massage

During the treatment the motions of our masseurs will be fully synchronized. Thus, our experienced colleagues will be able to pamper your left and right sides at the same time. The four-hand massage is usually started by treating your toes and gradually progressing towards the upper body with their gentle movements.

Our skilled masseurs use the techniques of Swedish massage that are combined with slow soothing movements to provide relaxing treatment for your body. As the two ladies are working at the same time, they can offer you pampering that you have not even dreamt about before. Whether it is to massage your two arms, or your head and your feet at the same time, the possibilities are limited only by imagination. Similarly to other massages, at the end of the pampering treatment you will feel much more energetic and fit.

Not just pampering, healing as well!

Soft movements help to get rid of tension and have a detoxifying effect. Of course, during the treatment the usual massage oils and creams cannot be left out. This way they complete the high level of pleasure that only the four-hand massage can offer to you.

Dear Guests! Erotic and other types of massage in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. It follows that no form of sexual service is provided during treatment. Thank you very much for fully respecting the provisions here. We wish you a vitalizing and enjoyable massage!

Maori Massage – Joyful dance for body and soul!

Imagine how you lie on the beach of a remote country and your body is surrounded by the aura of tranquility. The stress of everyday life is gone and you can finally give yourself the perfect harmony. The Maori massage offers you nothing but peace and its secret is the simple love and devotion we perform it with. Are you ready to dedicate yourself to the fantastic experiences?

Pleasure for thousands of year’s experience!

The natives living in Polynesia already knew the secret of this massage. Although European people often refer to the inhabitants of this archipelago as “primitive peoples”, Polynesians have left us a wonderful gift. As a matter of fact, in this remote country people developed the technique that allowed them to balance both their bodies and souls thousands of years ago. Today Maori massage uses the knowledge of New Zealand Maori to provide a full indulgence to body and soul.

A special dance – with extraordinary experiences!

It is not by chance that the Maori massage is called the dance of the body. During the period of the whole treatment we use a mixture of flowing and smoothing movements. However, this massage is not done with the palm or the fingers but with the forearm. Compared to other treatments, the body parts to be massaged come into contact with a larger surface, so it is much easier to achieve the beneficial effects of the massage.

Despite the fewer pressures and more smoothing movements, we can recommend this type of massage for everyone. During the treatment we do not use such intensive strokes that would be contraindicated in some diseases.

Effective regeneration and rejuvenation for your skin!

One of the most important features of the Maori massage is the rejuvenating effect on the skin. The movements done on your naked body tend to tighten the skin and provide it with a silky touch.

Since massage can last up to one and a half hours, you can perfectly fill your body with vitamins important for your skin. Thanks to Maori’s knowledge, you can relax your muscles perfectly and your joints can regenerate.

We give you the perfect harmony!

Mauri massage is more than a simple series of movements: it is a philosophy, which aims to balance your whole body and soul. During the massage there will be music and dance will be performed on your body following the rhythm. The movements of our experienced masseurs will be in perfect harmony with the music during the entire treatment. The atmosphere of the distant islands is incompleted by heated oils used for treatment, which help in the detoxification of your body and soul at the same time.

Dear guests! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all of our treatments in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. Sexual service is not offered under any circumstances. Thank you very much for your full respect. We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable massage!

Pampering Massage – Discover the world of caressing touches!

We all have experienced that in our fast-moving world we rarely have time for ourselves. For those who are tired of the everyday rush, a pampering massage will be a real refreshing experience. With a high degree of body and soul pampering, we offer a service that can help everyone to relax from the daily treadwheel.

You can give space to pleasure!

Undoubtedly, from all of our massage treatments, pampering massage will provide you with the highest comfort. In our unique treatment our masseuse concentrates exclusively on those things that will make you the most complete relaxation and replenishment.

The intense, kneading movements of our other services, pampering massage will delight your body and soul with gentle touches and soft strokes.

With pampering massage you are ready to face with the challenges of everyday life.

During the massage we use scented oils, the warmth of which is a wonderful and new feeling for your skin. Our skilled masseuse will rub these aphrodisiacs in your body with careful and sensual gestures. Oils that are in contact with your skin will lend your whole body a mesmerizing softness. The pampering is completed by the attentiveness and diligence of our masseuse that you will experience throughout the whole treatment.

As a beneficial effect of pampering massage, your skin will feel softer and silkier as soon as you finish the treatment. Thanks to the erotic touches, however, you will experience not only physical refreshment. After the pampering treatment, your soul will also feel lighter. Returning to the world of everyday life, you can make it over the obstacles and the difficulties more easily.

Everyone deserves pampering!

Although this type of massage offers moderate physiological results, the feeling of comfort will be greater. However, the feeling of comfort after the pampering treatment will be unique. Besides, these gentle strokes can also be recommended for those who may not be able to use certain types of massage (eg. Swedish massage) because of some kind of illness or physical problems. So do not hesitate getting a pampering massage, as you can rejuvenate after a comforting treatment.

Dear Guests! We inform you that erotic and other massage types in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. No massage type includes the provision of sexual services. Please note and respect it!

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