My first erotic massage – Lingam service

Let me tell my story of my first time in the erotic massage parlor. It was so exciting and interesting. Honestly, before I had arrived to massage parlor, I was a little bit excited. I have never been in this place yet. So I had no expectation, as I did not know what an erotic massage feeling is.

My first, nice experience was the high quality place. No doubt, that I entered a cleaned and luxury architecture building. It was well decorated, with a pleasant atmosphere. The massage parlor oriented into massage from Far East, such as lingam, yumeiho, or tantric massage.

Since one of my colleagues recommended me a lingam massage, so I decided to try it this therapy that is from ancient India.

The receptionist was really nice and proffers me a cup of green tea in a cozy room before the massage. She was really professional and explained me, how can I prepare myself to treatment as well as possible. She said a philosophy of lingam massage: „The more you can tune into the therapy, the more you will enjoy this journey of discovery.” In a few minutes the therapist came into a room, and asks me to follow her.

Firstly, she attuned to lingam massage in the spirit of the peace and harmony. My pretty and lovely therapist created a balancing atmosphere, with soft music and sweet candlelight. After she provided me a nice and mysterious ambience, my body was ready to discover wonderful experience that is waiting for me.

She taught me the breathing techniques during the massage, and then instructs me to lie on my stomach and relax.

As I got comfortable on my stomach, she started massage in my upper body. She began to pour a good amount of massage oil onto my chest.

Her motion was slowly, and circular but definite. These kneads made me relax. Meanwhile, she explained me, that on the man body more than twenty of points, which can make even the lightest touch excited.

She moved step by step towards becoming my more intimate body points. Next, was my lower body: my thighs and calves.

After she gave me a fully body massage, my therapist instructed me, that inverted my body, because lying down would be much more comfortable, the core of this massage type: my penis or in Indian terms lingam. As my therapist strayed on my body, she got in-between my legs and massaged my penis. She worked on my “private” parts with two hands, because it is symbolize a complete devotion to my body. It was really fantastic feeling. Her kneads were consciously excited my penis, and at this point I am in the heaven. Then she followed her movements slowly and rhythmically. Finally, she gave a massages my testicles and penis together and at this point, words are impossible to describe the feelings I’m having.

After a few minutes, my therapist cleaned me with a towel and she helps me woke up from my back. I started to realize my wonderful experiences, and give her a hug and a warm thank for her fantastic service.

Manager Massage – Stress-relieving At The Highest Level

Anyone who has worked as a leader is certainly familiar with the picture: when we open our mailbox, we find a multitude of letters, our phone rings all day and we are often called for what the staff can do by themselves. No wonder, as a leader, we work more than the usual 8 hours a day. But if we do not pay attention to get sufficient rest and body maintenance, then the increased pace of work will lead to the damage of our health in the long term. In this case the manager massage is a good service, which is recommended not only for the managers, but also for those who spend most of the day sitting.

Recovery in 15 minutes!

Manager massage is a form of treatment where the beneficial movements are performed on special massage stools. It has a great advantage as it is shorter than any other treatments, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes. As the whole treatment takes place in a garment, you can even insert it in a longer lunch break to refresh both your body and soul. In 15 minutes you can regain your well-being, get rid of stress and regenerate your body.

Preventing Office Illnesses!

Unfortunately, sedentary jobs can cause undesirable symptoms in the long term. Among other things, such “illnesses” in the office are the numbness of limbs or the spinal problems that occur at younger ages. But the effect of a day-long standing time in front of the computer can also be seen as sudden weight gain, which is tremendously difficult to get rid of.

That is why manager massage is recommended not only for senior executives but for all office workers as it can treat these symptoms efficiently. Of course, if we are dealing with our weight, we should not neglect sports either because we can only stay in shape with the application of pampering treatment and exercise together.

Effective help to work!

Thanks to the manager massage you can also increase your ability to perform successfully. Relaxation therapy helps to concentrate better on tasks, which can be useful in handling an important negotiation or managing spreadsheets that often seem to be endless.

Another important aspect is that after the treatment we will feel more enthusiastic about continuing our work. Based on several experiences, after some beneficial relaxation you can come up with ideas more easily. This can be very useful if we do a job where we need to use our creativity and keep tight deadlines at the same time.

Dear Guests! Erotic or other types of massage in our salons are only available for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the treatments offered by us do not include the provision of sexual-type services in any case. Please respect all the information here, so do not contact our colleagues with such requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Yumeiho Massage – Straight to Balance

This massage is more than a simple treatment. It is a philosophy that seeks balance, symmetry and harmony in us; a therapy that came from faraway Japan to share its wonderful gifts with us. Here is the Yumeiho massage that can help restore the balance between body and soul.

Create symmetry and harmony in yourself!

The principle of this special massage is that in the healthy body energies are free to flow. If the flow stops for some reason, so-called energy blocks may develop and lead to different diseases. According to Yumeiho’s philosophy these energy blocks can be traced back to the asymmetrical structure of the body with the help of an effective yet pleasing massage. As a result, Yumeiho will not only focus on curing the body and soul but also on preventing complaints.

Learn the Japanese miracle!

It is not a secret that Yumeiho requires a great deal of expertise from the masseuse as they use nearly 100 basic techniques when healing and pampering the patient. In exchange, wonderful results can be achieved against a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Among other things, the knowledge of Japanese plays an important role in remedying blood pressure and blood sugar problems but the massage can also be useful in treating musculo-skeletal disorders, joint and spinal pain.

With the help of Yumeiho sports injuries can also be treated well. Therefore, the special therapy can be recommended with – or even instead of – sports massage to ease or eliminate the patient’s muscular pain.

It is good news for people who have had drastic surgery that Yumeiho can be applied effectively in the postoperative rehabilitation period as well. But we can also mention that treatment can also correct problems caused by bad posture and can also help with juvenile scoliosis. It is no coincidence that, in view of its many advantages, the popularity of Yumeiho massage, the Japanese gift has been increasing nowadays.

Experience an extraordinary form of treatment!

While other therapeutic treatments require to be performed on the patient’s naked or half-naked body, during Yumeiho the patient will wear a dress or thin clothing. At first it can also be a novelty that we will not meet the traditional massage bed here either. In the spirit of preserving ancient traditions, the therapeutic movements are carried out on traditional Japanese carpets, i.e. tatamines and possibly on sponges.

The varied treatment takes about 50 minutes, which will make us feel like we have been changed. With Yumeiho we can effectively release these energy blocks so we will experience a significant change in our well-being and our overall quality of life.

Dear Visitors! Any type of erotic or other massage in our salon can be used only for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the treatments offered by us do not include the provision of sexual-type services in any case. Please respect the information above, so do not contact our masseuses with such requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Foot Massage – For Alternative Healing

There is no doubt that the biggest benefit of foot massage is that we can cure many of our health problems. It is no exaggeration to say that experienced foot masseuses know the sole as well as others their palms, so they know exactly which points can be stimulated to work effectively against various physical and organic problems. There are tens of thousands of nerve endings on our sole and we can get great results in the treatment of chronic diseases by stimulating them.

A multifunctional treatment with experience of thousands of years!

Basically the beneficial effect of this treatment has been known since the beginning of antiquity. In the fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt people performed a massage on their feet for healing purposes. The beneficial therapy began to widespread at the beginning of the twentieth century, while nowadays foot massage is known almost everywhere and it is used as a popular treatment form of alternative healing.

You can find a solution for many problems!

With foot massage you can treat and prevent many illnesses. It is incredible but there are nearly 70,000 nerve endings on a small surface like our sole! Due to the extremely rich neural network from our central nervous system to our internal organs is connected to almost all areas of our body, we can stimulate any part of our body by massaging our feet on their matching points.

While massaging the areas close to the toes we can have positive effect on the upper body parts as well as the internal organs (eg. lungs, heart, stomach, etc.), in areas closer to the heel we can treat problems with legs, knees, basins and urethra. But with the pressure on the reflex zones of the foot, pancreas, thyroid and metabolic diseases can be cured as well as bladder and kidney disorders.

Discover the benefits of reflex massage!

The essence of foot massage is to stimulate the body to respond, i.e. to the production of reflexes. In case of healthy people the sole’s massaging will only be a good feeling while those who suffer from some kind of illness the body will respond with pain reactions. However, with the help of massages performed by an expert we can cure illnesses related to the given area and force the self-healing mechanisms of the body to work.

Take into consideration that because of its intensity, foot massage is not recommended to everyone. Such a case may be if your feet are inflamed or have varicose veins. Fungal infections on the foot, heavily swollen and broken legs may also prove to be an excuse. Massage is also contraindicated in patients with cancer. In brief, if you are facing any of the problems above, please contact your doctor before starting the treatment.

Dear guests! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any kind of massage services are provided for relaxation. Therefore, none of our massage types include the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a massage full of relaxation and experience!

Swedish massage – A multifunctional healing treatment

When we hear the word “massage”, many of us will certainly recall one of the most popular types of treatments, the Swedish massage. No wonder, as this great invention is one of the most versatile methods for healing. Swedish massage has many beneficial effects and a refreshing treatment can not only help to balance body and soul, but it also has medical effect.

Be part of the variety of European dishes!

While most of the massages are based on ancient Eastern traditions, Swedish massage is an unmistakable European invention. The multifunctional therapeutic massage method is connected to the name of Pehr Henrik Ling, who developed the world’s best known massage method thanks to his long years of work.

The discovery of the Swedish physician has been used for over 200 years to treat various body problems. The secret of the treatment’s success is that the Swedish massage uses five basic strokes when the body receives different hand movements in various intensity: from smoothing and sweeping strokes to rocking, shaking and trembling movements.

Experience the beneficial intensity!

During the Swedish massage our massage therapist will map your body first with fine, smoothing movements to get acquainted with the problems that can be treated with Swedish massage.

After creating a contact with your body, the rubbing section is coming. As long as this device stimulates your blood circulation, your masseuse will effectively work on all your muscles in your body with kneading. After the most intense phase of massage, your body will be subdued by relaxing vibrations. These vibrating movements will help you to relax after kneading. Finally, tapping your body will not only lift you up, but it will also help you feel much fit and refreshed after the massage is over.

Heal your body naturally!

Actually, when we talk about the physiological effects of Swedish massage, it is not possible to highlight one of our body parts. Among all types of massages, Swedish massage has the most favorable physical and mental effects. The most prominent benefit is the refreshing effect that may occur during the massage therapy. All-round therapy relaxes the tired muscles, and the varied strokes move the joints as well.

The various strokes, however, increase both mental and physical performance. Intensive treatment improves blood circulation and can provide good service to people suffering from lumbago and sciatica. But it can also help sleep disorders, digestive problems, and thanks to the therapy, we can overcome many illnesses.

Dear guests! Please note that massage treatments in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. There is no type of massage that provides a sexual type of service. Please respect all the above in all circumstances.