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Foot Massage – For Alternative Healing

There is no doubt that the biggest benefit of foot massage is that we can cure many of our health problems. It is no exaggeration to say that experienced foot masseuses know the sole as well as others their palms, so they know exactly which points can be stimulated to work effectively against various physical and organic problems. There are tens of thousands of nerve endings on our sole and we can get great results in the treatment of chronic diseases by stimulating them.

A multifunctional treatment with experience of thousands of years!

Basically the beneficial effect of this treatment has been known since the beginning of antiquity. In the fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt people performed a massage on their feet for healing purposes. The beneficial therapy began to widespread at the beginning of the twentieth century, while nowadays foot massage is known almost everywhere and it is used as a popular treatment form of alternative healing.

You can find a solution for many problems!

With foot massage you can treat and prevent many illnesses. It is incredible but there are nearly 70,000 nerve endings on a small surface like our sole! Due to the extremely rich neural network from our central nervous system to our internal organs is connected to almost all areas of our body, we can stimulate any part of our body by massaging our feet on their matching points.

While massaging the areas close to the toes we can have positive effect on the upper body parts as well as the internal organs (eg. lungs, heart, stomach, etc.), in areas closer to the heel we can treat problems with legs, knees, basins and urethra. But with the pressure on the reflex zones of the foot, pancreas, thyroid and metabolic diseases can be cured as well as bladder and kidney disorders.

Discover the benefits of reflex massage!

The essence of foot massage is to stimulate the body to respond, i.e. to the production of reflexes. In case of healthy people the sole’s massaging will only be a good feeling while those who suffer from some kind of illness the body will respond with pain reactions. However, with the help of massages performed by an expert we can cure illnesses related to the given area and force the self-healing mechanisms of the body to work.

Take into consideration that because of its intensity, foot massage is not recommended to everyone. Such a case may be if your feet are inflamed or have varicose veins. Fungal infections on the foot, heavily swollen and broken legs may also prove to be an excuse. Massage is also contraindicated in patients with cancer. In brief, if you are facing any of the problems above, please contact your doctor before starting the treatment.

Dear guests! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any kind of massage services are provided for relaxation. Therefore, none of our massage types include the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a massage full of relaxation and experience!

Swedish massage – A multifunctional healing treatment

When we hear the word “massage”, many of us will certainly recall one of the most popular types of treatments, the Swedish massage. No wonder, as this great invention is one of the most versatile methods for healing. Swedish massage has many beneficial effects and a refreshing treatment can not only help to balance body and soul, but it also has medical effect.

Be part of the variety of European dishes!

While most of the massages are based on ancient Eastern traditions, Swedish massage is an unmistakable European invention. The multifunctional therapeutic massage method is connected to the name of Pehr Henrik Ling, who developed the world’s best known massage method thanks to his long years of work.

The discovery of the Swedish physician has been used for over 200 years to treat various body problems. The secret of the treatment’s success is that the Swedish massage uses five basic strokes when the body receives different hand movements in various intensity: from smoothing and sweeping strokes to rocking, shaking and trembling movements.

Experience the beneficial intensity!

During the Swedish massage our massage therapist will map your body first with fine, smoothing movements to get acquainted with the problems that can be treated with Swedish massage.

After creating a contact with your body, the rubbing section is coming. As long as this device stimulates your blood circulation, your masseuse will effectively work on all your muscles in your body with kneading. After the most intense phase of massage, your body will be subdued by relaxing vibrations. These vibrating movements will help you to relax after kneading. Finally, tapping your body will not only lift you up, but it will also help you feel much fit and refreshed after the massage is over.

Heal your body naturally!

Actually, when we talk about the physiological effects of Swedish massage, it is not possible to highlight one of our body parts. Among all types of massages, Swedish massage has the most favorable physical and mental effects. The most prominent benefit is the refreshing effect that may occur during the massage therapy. All-round therapy relaxes the tired muscles, and the varied strokes move the joints as well.

The various strokes, however, increase both mental and physical performance. Intensive treatment improves blood circulation and can provide good service to people suffering from lumbago and sciatica. But it can also help sleep disorders, digestive problems, and thanks to the therapy, we can overcome many illnesses.

Dear guests! Please note that massage treatments in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. There is no type of massage that provides a sexual type of service. Please respect all the above in all circumstances.

Sports Massage

It is true that the pleasure offered by a massage is good for everyone. For regular athletes, however, it is vital that they receive proper treatment during the training sessions. Those who do exercises regularly are well aware that increased physical activity involves an increased pressure on the body and the soul. All these problems can be handled with the help of sport massage.

We regenerate your whole body!

It is perhaps the most well-known treatment after Swedish massage, which uses 5 basic techniques to treat the patient. Although most of these methods are used during training sessions and competitions, regenerative and injury prevention treatments are sports massage types that can also be performed in our salon.

First of all, sports massage will help relaxing after training and increase overall sport performance. Thanks to the massage, muscle swelling can be reduced and muscle spasms caused by hard training can be eliminated as well.

Instead of usual massage oils used in other treatments, during sports massage we will use muscle relaxant creams and sports balms that are specially designed for decreasing muscle soreness. Thanks to these products we can achieve much better results during the treatment because their ingredients stimulate muscle circulation and provide oxygen. With these efficient products, we can make sport massage complete.

We can cure your injuries effectively!

Unfortunately, those who do sports can not avoid injuries either. Such problems may include muscle strains, soft tissue injuries and hematoma, which can not only cause pain but they may also mean the early termination of the sports career. Sports massage plays an important role in preventing injuries. Thanks to the beneficial treatment, the elasticity of the hardened muscle tissues due to the training can be restored. It can also provide the post-workout function, which may be particularly important to the body with increased stress.

We can relieve your anxieties!

Active athletes do not only know the feeling of being unable to run a certain distance within a short time or lift more weight. After a while the perceived or actual lack of development will cause anxiety, which may lead to performance degradation in the long term.

With sports massage anxiety can be reduced! Our experienced colleagues work with muscle relaxation and revitalizing movements on your whole body that relax your soul and refresh your body at the same time. After the treatment you will feel much better and you will have enough motivation to continue the hard workouts.

We would like to remind our Dear Customers that erotic and other types of massage offered by our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. Therefore, we do not provide sexual services in any form. Thank you for having this respect for our colleagues!

Relaxation massage – In the spirit of tranquility

No wonder that in our hectic world many people are looking for an effective way of relaxation. Although all types of massage can help relaxing ourselves, the relaxation massage is especially recommended for those who want to completely lock out the bustle of everyday life. With this massage, you can enjoy such a pleasure that will be relaxing and its sedative effect will not be over for a long time.

Massage with long-lasting pleasure

One of the most complex treatments is perhaps the relaxation massage, which is a combination of several techniques. Relaxation massage is basically the technique of modern Swedish massage. In some elements, however, we use the Chinese acupressure that has been practiced for thousands of years.

The treatment itself works with less intensity than the Swedish massage. Relaxation massage consists of long sweeping motions that are used on the entire surface of your body. Since you will not experience kneading that is a typical characteristic of other massages, the treatment will always be a pleasant experience for you.

In case of relaxation massage, however, not only the way of treatment but also the environment plays an important role. The gentle movements are accompanied by soft music so that you can relax as much as possible during the treatment. With this harmonic milieu we summon the atmosphere of massage salons from the ancient Far East. This way the massage will have beneficial physical and emotional effects.

Leave behind everyday stress!

One of the great ways to relax your tired muscles is relaxation massage. Although there are types of treatment that perform massage on certain parts of the body, such as your head or your back, we will pamper your entire body. Our experienced masseuse will work on every part of your body from the top of your head to your toes.

Relaxation massage is done with the help of warmed up essential oils. As the intoxicating products are gently massaged into your skin, the pleasant temperature of the aphrodisiacs will help relaxation as well. The oil also reduces the friction between the surface of your body and the hands of our masseuse, which makes it easier to perform the massage on all skin types. The healing treatment will stimulate your blood circulation and improve your body’s oxygen supply. The idyllic environment offered throughout the massage will help you feel fresh after treatment, not only physically but emotionally as well.

Dear Visitor! We would like to remind you that any kind of massage in our salon serves only relaxation purposes. Therefore, no type of massage includes the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your respect.

Four-handed Massage – Enchanting pampering movements

Every man’s secret desire is to find two ladies at one time. With the four-handed massage dreams can be a literally tangible reality because during this treatment two masseurs are working on your body. In other words, if you want to have an experience that is fun and novelty at the same time, the four-handed massage is for you.

We offer double enjoyment

They know this massage with many different names. In some places, you can see the duo massage, while others even use the pair massage expression. Whatever the name is, however, the fact is that the treatment done by two masseurs guarantee you a special experience.

As the masseurs will work in harmony with each other all the time, the energies they give add up. Thanks to the full harmony of waving movements, they can provide you much more effective and faster vitality.

Massage at the top

This treatment offers you an extraordinary experience, whose secret is that masseurs work in perfect harmony. This type of treatment can only be done by our most experienced staff: those who have mastered the techniques needed to make complex and skillful four-hand massage

During the treatment the motions of our masseurs will be fully synchronized. Thus, our experienced colleagues will be able to pamper your left and right sides at the same time. The four-hand massage is usually started by treating your toes and gradually progressing towards the upper body with their gentle movements.

Our skilled masseurs use the techniques of Swedish massage that are combined with slow soothing movements to provide relaxing treatment for your body. As the two ladies are working at the same time, they can offer you pampering that you have not even dreamt about before. Whether it is to massage your two arms, or your head and your feet at the same time, the possibilities are limited only by imagination. Similarly to other massages, at the end of the pampering treatment you will feel much more energetic and fit.

Not just pampering, healing as well!

Soft movements help to get rid of tension and have a detoxifying effect. Of course, during the treatment the usual massage oils and creams cannot be left out. This way they complete the high level of pleasure that only the four-hand massage can offer to you.

Dear Guests! Erotic and other types of massage in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. It follows that no form of sexual service is provided during treatment. Thank you very much for fully respecting the provisions here. We wish you a vitalizing and enjoyable massage!

Maori Massage – Joyful dance for body and soul!

Imagine how you lie on the beach of a remote country and your body is surrounded by the aura of tranquility. The stress of everyday life is gone and you can finally give yourself the perfect harmony. The Maori massage offers you nothing but peace and its secret is the simple love and devotion we perform it with. Are you ready to dedicate yourself to the fantastic experiences?

Pleasure for thousands of year’s experience!

The natives living in Polynesia already knew the secret of this massage. Although European people often refer to the inhabitants of this archipelago as “primitive peoples”, Polynesians have left us a wonderful gift. As a matter of fact, in this remote country people developed the technique that allowed them to balance both their bodies and souls thousands of years ago. Today Maori massage uses the knowledge of New Zealand Maori to provide a full indulgence to body and soul.

A special dance – with extraordinary experiences!

It is not by chance that the Maori massage is called the dance of the body. During the period of the whole treatment we use a mixture of flowing and smoothing movements. However, this massage is not done with the palm or the fingers but with the forearm. Compared to other treatments, the body parts to be massaged come into contact with a larger surface, so it is much easier to achieve the beneficial effects of the massage.

Despite the fewer pressures and more smoothing movements, we can recommend this type of massage for everyone. During the treatment we do not use such intensive strokes that would be contraindicated in some diseases.

Effective regeneration and rejuvenation for your skin!

One of the most important features of the Maori massage is the rejuvenating effect on the skin. The movements done on your naked body tend to tighten the skin and provide it with a silky touch.

Since massage can last up to one and a half hours, you can perfectly fill your body with vitamins important for your skin. Thanks to Maori’s knowledge, you can relax your muscles perfectly and your joints can regenerate.

We give you the perfect harmony!

Mauri massage is more than a simple series of movements: it is a philosophy, which aims to balance your whole body and soul. During the massage there will be music and dance will be performed on your body following the rhythm. The movements of our experienced masseurs will be in perfect harmony with the music during the entire treatment. The atmosphere of the distant islands is incompleted by heated oils used for treatment, which help in the detoxification of your body and soul at the same time.

Dear guests! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all of our treatments in our salon are for relaxation purposes only. Sexual service is not offered under any circumstances. Thank you very much for your full respect. We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable massage!

Pampering Massage – Discover the world of caressing touches!

We all have experienced that in our fast-moving world we rarely have time for ourselves. For those who are tired of the everyday rush, a pampering massage will be a real refreshing experience. With a high degree of body and soul pampering, we offer a service that can help everyone to relax from the daily treadwheel.

You can give space to pleasure!

Undoubtedly, from all of our massage treatments, pampering massage will provide you with the highest comfort. In our unique treatment our masseuse concentrates exclusively on those things that will make you the most complete relaxation and replenishment.

The intense, kneading movements of our other services, pampering massage will delight your body and soul with gentle touches and soft strokes.

With pampering massage you are ready to face with the challenges of everyday life.

During the massage we use scented oils, the warmth of which is a wonderful and new feeling for your skin. Our skilled masseuse will rub these aphrodisiacs in your body with careful and sensual gestures. Oils that are in contact with your skin will lend your whole body a mesmerizing softness. The pampering is completed by the attentiveness and diligence of our masseuse that you will experience throughout the whole treatment.

As a beneficial effect of pampering massage, your skin will feel softer and silkier as soon as you finish the treatment. Thanks to the erotic touches, however, you will experience not only physical refreshment. After the pampering treatment, your soul will also feel lighter. Returning to the world of everyday life, you can make it over the obstacles and the difficulties more easily.

Everyone deserves pampering!

Although this type of massage offers moderate physiological results, the feeling of comfort will be greater. However, the feeling of comfort after the pampering treatment will be unique. Besides, these gentle strokes can also be recommended for those who may not be able to use certain types of massage (eg. Swedish massage) because of some kind of illness or physical problems. So do not hesitate getting a pampering massage, as you can rejuvenate after a comforting treatment.

Dear Guests! We inform you that erotic and other massage types in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. No massage type includes the provision of sexual services. Please note and respect it!

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