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Part massages – Concentrated treatments

Part massages – Concentrated treatments

In our everyday life there are situations when only certain areas need massage treatments. Such cases can be when we turn to a masseur with a pain in a part of our body – for example with headache – but it is also conceivable that only some areas – for example our backs or feet – desire to be pampered by the treatment.

We help you with targeted strokes!

Although the treatment is shorter than the total massage, part massages can be given more frequently, either daily or every second day. Do not be fooled by the term “part” as such treatments require the masseur to know exactly which area is concerned to help healing the patient effectively. Our experienced colleagues typically deal with head, face, neck, shoulder, arm, back and foot massage, but after a preliminary consultation any other body parts can be treated.

Head and neck massage – Stop stress-triggered headaches!

Unfortunately, nowadays temporary and permanent headaches are considered to be a common illness. As long as you can reduce the migraine symptoms by massaging the head or neck, milder headaches can usually be completely eliminated. Treatment is performed with gentle and slow movements, which increase the concentration ability and decrease the brain reaction time. Of course, you can apply this soothing therapy in other combinations (head-shoulders, neck-shoulders, etc.).

Back massage – Do not let stress on your back!

Even if you do not do intense physical work, the spine is subjected to an increased use due to everyday rush and stress. Thanks to the stimuli created during intensive back massage we can alleviate the pain in your back as well as eliminating any discomfort. However, some symptoms of spinal and back problems (such as scoliosis, sciatica, etc.) can be cured effectively with the treatment.

Arm massage – Relax with massage!

If you choose arm massage, our qualified colleagues will work on your body from the shoulder to the fingertips. Of course, massage oils cannot be missed for relaxing the upper limbs, which will further enhance your experience.

Leg and knee massage – Manage the most used areas efficiently!

It’s unbelievable but in our lifetime we walk so much that we could ride the Earth more than three times. After a day of walking or skittering in the city we can easily feel that this part of our body deserves some care. But we can not ignore the massage of our knees either, which is one of the most vulnerable to rheumatism.

Dear guests! We would like to remind you that our services in our massage salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. As a result, we do not provide sexual services in one of our massage types. Thank you for the full respect here.

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