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Swedish massage – A multifunctional healing treatment

When we hear the word “massage”, many of us will certainly recall one of the most popular types of treatments, the Swedish massage. No wonder, as this great invention is one of the most versatile methods for healing. Swedish massage has many beneficial effects and a refreshing treatment can not only help to balance body and soul, but it also has medical effect.

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While most of the massages are based on ancient Eastern traditions, Swedish massage is an unmistakable European invention. The multifunctional therapeutic massage method is connected to the name of Pehr Henrik Ling, who developed the world’s best known massage method thanks to his long years of work.

The discovery of the Swedish physician has been used for over 200 years to treat various body problems. The secret of the treatment’s success is that the Swedish massage uses five basic strokes when the body receives different hand movements in various intensity: from smoothing and sweeping strokes to rocking, shaking and trembling movements.

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During the Swedish massage our massage therapist will map your body first with fine, smoothing movements to get acquainted with the problems that can be treated with Swedish massage.

After creating a contact with your body, the rubbing section is coming. As long as this device stimulates your blood circulation, your masseuse will effectively work on all your muscles in your body with kneading. After the most intense phase of massage, your body will be subdued by relaxing vibrations. These vibrating movements will help you to relax after kneading. Finally, tapping your body will not only lift you up, but it will also help you feel much fit and refreshed after the massage is over.

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Actually, when we talk about the physiological effects of Swedish massage, it is not possible to highlight one of our body parts. Among all types of massages, Swedish massage has the most favorable physical and mental effects. The most prominent benefit is the refreshing effect that may occur during the massage therapy. All-round therapy relaxes the tired muscles, and the varied strokes move the joints as well.

The various strokes, however, increase both mental and physical performance. Intensive treatment improves blood circulation and can provide good service to people suffering from lumbago and sciatica. But it can also help sleep disorders, digestive problems, and thanks to the therapy, we can overcome many illnesses.

Dear guests! Please note that massage treatments in our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. There is no type of massage that provides a sexual type of service. Please respect all the above in all circumstances.

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