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Yumeiho Massage – Straight to Balance

Yumeiho Massage – Straight to Balance

This massage is more than a simple treatment. It is a philosophy that seeks balance, symmetry and harmony in us; a therapy that came from faraway Japan to share its wonderful gifts with us. Here is the Yumeiho massage that can help restore the balance between body and soul.

Create symmetry and harmony in yourself!

The principle of this special massage is that in the healthy body energies are free to flow. If the flow stops for some reason, so-called energy blocks may develop and lead to different diseases. According to Yumeiho’s philosophy these energy blocks can be traced back to the asymmetrical structure of the body with the help of an effective yet pleasing massage. As a result, Yumeiho will not only focus on curing the body and soul but also on preventing complaints.

Learn the Japanese miracle!

It is not a secret that Yumeiho requires a great deal of expertise from the masseuse as they use nearly 100 basic techniques when healing and pampering the patient. In exchange, wonderful results can be achieved against a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Among other things, the knowledge of Japanese plays an important role in remedying blood pressure and blood sugar problems but the massage can also be useful in treating musculo-skeletal disorders, joint and spinal pain.

With the help of Yumeiho sports injuries can also be treated well. Therefore, the special therapy can be recommended with – or even instead of – sports massage to ease or eliminate the patient’s muscular pain.

It is good news for people who have had drastic surgery that Yumeiho can be applied effectively in the postoperative rehabilitation period as well. But we can also mention that treatment can also correct problems caused by bad posture and can also help with juvenile scoliosis. It is no coincidence that, in view of its many advantages, the popularity of Yumeiho massage, the Japanese gift has been increasing nowadays.

Experience an extraordinary form of treatment!

While other therapeutic treatments require to be performed on the patient’s naked or half-naked body, during Yumeiho the patient will wear a dress or thin clothing. At first it can also be a novelty that we will not meet the traditional massage bed here either. In the spirit of preserving ancient traditions, the therapeutic movements are carried out on traditional Japanese carpets, i.e. tatamines and possibly on sponges.

The varied treatment takes about 50 minutes, which will make us feel like we have been changed. With Yumeiho we can effectively release these energy blocks so we will experience a significant change in our well-being and our overall quality of life.

Dear Visitors! Any type of erotic or other massage in our salon can be used only for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the treatments offered by us do not include the provision of sexual-type services in any case. Please respect the information above, so do not contact our masseuses with such requests. Thank you for your understanding.

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