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My first erotic massage – Lingam service

Let me tell my story of my first time in the erotic massage parlor. It was so exciting and interesting. Honestly, before I had arrived to massage parlor, I was a little bit excited. I have never been in this place yet. So I had no expectation, as I did not know what an erotic massage feeling is.

My first, nice experience was the high quality place. No doubt, that I entered a cleaned and luxury architecture building. It was well decorated, with a pleasant atmosphere. The massage parlor oriented into massage from Far East, such as lingam, yumeiho, or tantric massage.

Since one of my colleagues recommended me a lingam massage, so I decided to try it this therapy that is from ancient India.

The receptionist was really nice and proffers me a cup of green tea in a cozy room before the massage. She was really professional and explained me, how can I prepare myself to treatment as well as possible. She said a philosophy of lingam massage: „The more you can tune into the therapy, the more you will enjoy this journey of discovery.” In a few minutes the therapist came into a room, and asks me to follow her.

Firstly, she attuned to lingam massage in the spirit of the peace and harmony. My pretty and lovely therapist created a balancing atmosphere, with soft music and sweet candlelight. After she provided me a nice and mysterious ambience, my body was ready to discover wonderful experience that is waiting for me.

She taught me the breathing techniques during the massage, and then instructs me to lie on my stomach and relax.

As I got comfortable on my stomach, she started massage in my upper body. She began to pour a good amount of massage oil onto my chest.

Her motion was slowly, and circular but definite. These kneads made me relax. Meanwhile, she explained me, that on the man body more than twenty of points, which can make even the lightest touch excited.

She moved step by step towards becoming my more intimate body points. Next, was my lower body: my thighs and calves.

After she gave me a fully body massage, my therapist instructed me, that inverted my body, because lying down would be much more comfortable, the core of this massage type: my penis or in Indian terms lingam. As my therapist strayed on my body, she got in-between my legs and massaged my penis. She worked on my “private” parts with two hands, because it is symbolize a complete devotion to my body. It was really fantastic feeling. Her kneads were consciously excited my penis, and at this point I am in the heaven. Then she followed her movements slowly and rhythmically. Finally, she gave a massages my testicles and penis together and at this point, words are impossible to describe the feelings I’m having.

After a few minutes, my therapist cleaned me with a towel and she helps me woke up from my back. I started to realize my wonderful experiences, and give her a hug and a warm thank for her fantastic service.

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