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Healing effects of erotic massage

Most of us identify erotic massage with sexual activity. Undoubtedly, such massage techniques are perfectly capable of raising the patient’s sexual desires and enjoying more the intimate intercourse. Erotic massage, however, is more than that: if you apply them especially on a regular basis, you can do a good job of managing certain diseases. Of course, it is essential to do a professional massage, which means the massage therapist knows what physiological and mental effects the patient is having with each technique.

It does not just pamper, it cures as well!

The erotic massage itself did not give therapy, but it means a series of varied techniques. Some are sensant, others are known as tantric massage. What is it about? It is a physical therapy on a naked or a half-naked body. After erotic massage, however, sex does not need to happen. Although the masseur focuses on the erogenous zones of the body, the treatment can help not only to stimulate libido, but also to improve physical and mental health.

Release stress and anxiety with the help of a massage!

As we have already mentioned, erotic massage can mean a variety of treatments. Although the varied therapies (such as slider massage, four-handed massage, lingam massage, etc.) have different effects but they have several common features as well.

In particular, erotic massage can be used to treat stress. The therapy can help to release anxiety and other psychological problems that prevent you from enjoying a full life. Regardless of the massage technique, the treatment helps the patient learning to lose their inhibition. During the massage we can gain new experience that can help our partner to live their own sexuality without boundaries. As a result, everyday life will be easier to accomplish in intimate moments.

Erotic massage can also help in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses. With the help of pampering moves you can relieve the patient’s anxiety. Various illnesses and complaints can be treated with a variety of techniques. First of all, sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm and frigidity, but erotic massage can make good use of handling impotence. The treatment liberates those barriers that block the body’s energy flow and prevent sexual pleasure.

Experience the beneficial physiological effects of erotic massage!

Erotic massage can have many beneficial physiological effects. Basically there is no body part or internal organ for which the pampering movements would not be beneficial. Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail.

  • Muscles: As a result of the therapy the muscles relax, their elasticity and resistance will be stronger. It also helps dealing with muscle fatigue, which increases the muscle performance.

  • Skin: The massage expands the capillary veins of the skin, which increases the absorption of nutrients. Due to the treatment dead skin cells get off from the skin, making the skin more elastic and tighter.

  • Metabolism: Massage accelerates metabolic processes and increases urinary excretion. The treatment also helps to remove toxins.

  • Circulatory System: The treatment regulates the body’s blood flow. When the massage therapist works on the patient’s body, blood and lymphatic circulation are increased.

  • Nervous system: The therapy calms excessive nerves, soothes the nervous system, which provides a better sleep.

  • Breathing: Thanks to the healing movements, the massaged patient’s breathing will be deeper and more even.

Be on balance physically and spiritually!

Of course, erotic massage can not be used as a sole substitute for traditional medicine, but it is considered to be one of the most effective facilitating methods of healing.

Erotic massage can be an excellent alternative method with other therapies such as herbal treatment or acupuncture. Some of the techniques can be used as self-medication, although the desired effect can only be achieved if the massage is performed by an experienced masseur.

Dear guests! We would like to call your attention to the fact that any of the services provided during the massage are only for relaxation purposes. Therefore, our massage type does not include the provision of sexual services. Thank you for your understanding! We wish you a refreshing and enjoyable massage!

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