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Sports Massage

It is true that the pleasure offered by a massage is good for everyone. For regular athletes, however, it is vital that they receive proper treatment during the training sessions. Those who do exercises regularly are well aware that increased physical activity involves an increased pressure on the body and the soul. All these problems can be handled with the help of sport massage.

We regenerate your whole body!

It is perhaps the most well-known treatment after Swedish massage, which uses 5 basic techniques to treat the patient. Although most of these methods are used during training sessions and competitions, regenerative and injury prevention treatments are sports massage types that can also be performed in our salon.

First of all, sports massage will help relaxing after training and increase overall sport performance. Thanks to the massage, muscle swelling can be reduced and muscle spasms caused by hard training can be eliminated as well.

Instead of usual massage oils used in other treatments, during sports massage we will use muscle relaxant creams and sports balms that are specially designed for decreasing muscle soreness. Thanks to these products we can achieve much better results during the treatment because their ingredients stimulate muscle circulation and provide oxygen. With these efficient products, we can make sport massage complete.

We can cure your injuries effectively!

Unfortunately, those who do sports can not avoid injuries either. Such problems may include muscle strains, soft tissue injuries and hematoma, which can not only cause pain but they may also mean the early termination of the sports career. Sports massage plays an important role in preventing injuries. Thanks to the beneficial treatment, the elasticity of the hardened muscle tissues due to the training can be restored. It can also provide the post-workout function, which may be particularly important to the body with increased stress.

We can relieve your anxieties!

Active athletes do not only know the feeling of being unable to run a certain distance within a short time or lift more weight. After a while the perceived or actual lack of development will cause anxiety, which may lead to performance degradation in the long term.

With sports massage anxiety can be reduced! Our experienced colleagues work with muscle relaxation and revitalizing movements on your whole body that relax your soul and refresh your body at the same time. After the treatment you will feel much better and you will have enough motivation to continue the hard workouts.

We would like to remind our Dear Customers that erotic and other types of massage offered by our salon can only be used for relaxation purposes. Therefore, we do not provide sexual services in any form. Thank you for having this respect for our colleagues!

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