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Therapeutic massage – With therapeutic touches

It is no secret that the ancient Greeks had treated the rheumatic pain with the beneficial massage. This lead to the evolution of the therapeutic massage that utilizes the millennium-old knowledge of the Western world in order to ease the pain in the patient’s muscles and joints. These therapeutic movements, however, are able to deal with a large number of problems in the areas affected by massage. Last but not least, the treatment can help you reach and maintain well-being that everyone can experience in choosing our healing massage service.

Massage in the service of healing

Like Swedish massage, therapeutic massage is a European invention and even the basics used during the therapy are similar. However, in contrary to the versatile method of the Nordic people, therapeutic massage will focus on specifically those areas where the patient’s complaints have arisen. In several cases, this treatment is used with therapeutic medication but the therapy itself can provide good service in reducing muscle and joint pains or curing rheumatism.

As the treatment is less intensive than the Swedish massage, these therapeutic contacts can practically be applied to all people. Still, it is worth asking the doctor’s opinion before starting a massage. If we are aware of which parts of the body have problems, then massaging can be more effective.

We offer solutions for a lot of problems!

Medical massage can be an effective remedy for problems in several parts of our body. A beneficial therapy can primarily have the following positive effects:
• Effective movements increase body temperature and contribute to deep breathing.

• Therapy reduces muscle and joint pain and eliminates the muscle insertions in our body, i.e. myalgia muscle knots.

• Treatment is recommended especially for those who have pain in their neck, shoulders, or backs due to continuous sitting work.

• Significant improvement can be achieved with congenital and orthopedic problems resulting from bad posture.

• Therapeutic massage is both recommended in case of insomnia and digestive problems.

• Relaxing touches can help relieving stress and generally improve your overall feeling.

• Those who exercise regularly or do heavy physical work all day cannot miss this treatment. For them healing massage is recommended for preventing possible injuries and a faster recovery of their muscles.

Dear Visitor! Please note that all our massage salon services are for relaxation purposes only. Consequently, no type of massage includes the provision of a sexual type of service. Thank you for not having this kind of service from our colleagues!

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